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Aegean Virtual Airlines main purpose is:

For PiReps (Pilot Reports) submittion we have adopted the use of four (4) different systems:

Moreover Aegean Virtual Airlines uses FSAirlines, which simulates the financial model of our company and gives to pilots the opportunity to use vAPL (virtual Advanced Pilot License). vAPL grants to pilots the ability to be promoted to higher ranks without the requirement for a written test.
vAPL consists of three (3) levels:

In addition, Aegean Virtual Airlines has affiliated its members' ranks with HvACC's Squadron Checkrides.
Succesfull completion of A & B Checkrides lead to an automatic promotion to the rank of "Captain" or "Senior Captain" in respect to the rank currently owned by each pilot, while succesfull completion of all three (3) checkrides (A, B & C) lead to a promotion to the highest available rank of "Senior Commercial Captain"!

Similarly, for those who are registered with an IVAO ID in our company and have successfuly completed a PP checkride of IVAO, will receive the rank of captain, holders of SPP will receive the rank of Senior Captain, while holders of CP will receive the rank of Senior Commercial Captain.